The great unknown beyond the End of the World

Far to the south, and east of the “The Eye of the World”, that Great Inner Sea about which all things revolve, lies a vast sunken land of long forgotten kingdoms, villages and ruins.

Overlooking this land of jungles, swamps, forests and plains sits the “Great Escarpment”. Towering more than a mile tall, and running for thousands of miles in both directions along the horizon, this drop off forms a natural barrier shielding the lands of the Inner Sea from the unknown beyond.
It is in this time that the Emperor, in his divine wisdom, has chosen to expand his kingdom by revitalizing an ancient monastery that anchors a small outpost, located atop a solitary outcropping overlooking the edge of the escarpment, at the “edge of the known world”.
This land possesses many mysteries. One of first oddities most travelers are introduced to when they arrive is a vast vertical necropolis stretching down the very face of the escarpment. Originally discovered by early settlers, it is a forbidding unexplored honeycomb of tombs, crypts and catacombs that possibly holds one of the richest and deadly opportunities for adventurers, or is it? Many rumors and tales are heard in the local tavern about places beyond, where trees are hung with gems and rivers flow with gold……

Escarpment at Worlds End